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Simulation Premium

One of the most comprehensive, yet sophisticated finite element analysis (FEA) packages available, SolidWorks® Simulation Premium integrates completely with SolidWorks CAD software.

Bring highly advanced validation tools to your design teams at a fraction of the cost of most high-end FEA programs.

Any engineer can easily apply SolidWorks Simulation Premium to perform tough validation tasks like these:

  • Study the performance of your designs for excessive deflections and stresses under dynamic loads.
  • Perform nonlinear analysis – including impact – on plastics, rubbers, polymers, and foam.
  • Conduct contact analysis coupled with nonlinear materials.
  • Evaluate the behavior of composite materials.

SolidWorks Simulation Premium Capabilities

Assembly Simulation
Study the interactions of assembly components on-screen, before incurring the costs of physical prototypes. Simulate static or dynamic loads to evaluate your design’s performance under stress, strain, and displacement.

Mechanism Simulation
Apply a wide variety of physics-based models to simulate real-world operating conditions for your design. Check for colliding parts. Output numerical and graphic data of the results, as well as animations of your tests.

Simulate Welded Structures
Ensure your welded structures perform at peak operating conditions. Apply pressure, forces, and bearing loads. Then use visualization tools like section plots, ISO clipping, and animation to review the response.

Simulate Drop Test or Impact
Save time and cost by reducing the number of physical tests.  Define drop height, surface, and orientation. Perform realistic collision simulation between parts or assemblies.

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