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Design Analysis Whitepapers
Industry Topics
  Electric Product Designers - Key design performance issues facing electronics and electrical product manufacturers.
  Machine Designers - Ensure that your product meets design requirements and is reliable in the field.
  Medical Product Designers - Use virtual prototyping to gain assurance of product quality, reliability, and safety.
  Integrating 3D With Physical Testing - Learn about the benefits of combining analysis and test data.
Simulation Topics
  Preventing Mechanical Fatigue - A fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to predict and resolve fatigue-related problems before they happen.
  Find the Problem Fast with Check Plots - Examine the five key benefits of design reuse. Turn design reuse into a winning strategy.
  Understanding Connectors - Focus on the behavior of the design as a whole, instead of wasting precious time modeling and re-modeling hundreds of pins, bolts, springs and welds.
  Better Product Design - Catch mistakes sooner, change course quickly, and create better-performing products
at a lower cost.
  Vibration Analysis - Get the data needed to make the right improvements before they even cut a single piece of metal.
  Thermal Analysis - Solve design challenges by using design validation software to simulate thermal conditions.
  Simulating Drop Tests - Find out what a user needs to do to perform such a test, the kinds of results he or she will obtain, and at the technology behind such simulations.
  Understanding Nonlinear Analysis - See how nonlinear analysis can help you avoid overdesign and build better products.
  Design to Prevent Fatigue - Understand and predict fatigue to prevent product failure using finite element analysis (FEA).
  Design Optimization - Get the most out of design optimization in your day-to-day work.
Flow Simulation Topics
  Role of CFD in Real World Designs - Create the best possible product designs when dealing with heat transfer and fluid flow problems.
  Putting the Spin in CFD - Use both the single and multiple rotating reference frame approaches to solve rotating flow problems.
Motion Simulation Topics
  Event-Based Simulation - Integrate design and controls—and streamline your live prototype and testing process.
  Understanding Motion Simulation - What is motion simulation? What problems can it solve? How can it benefit the product design process?
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